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2018: Learn, Love, Lead

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While I don’t put a lot of stock in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe in the power of having a mantra. A simple phrase that you can commit to memory, revisit in times of stress, and use as a focusing tool throughout the year. At The Center For Agile Leadership, our mantra is just three simple words: Learn, Love, Lead.

Learn – Learning should never stop. As we enter 2018, commit to discovering one new valuable nugget each day.

Love –  Agile Leaders practice “Agape love.” This year, choose to care for those that you lead. Take care of their wants not needs; and hug and spank as appropriate.

Lead – Remember that being a leader is a choice you make every day. When you encounter hard times in 2018, pause and appreciate the amazing responsibility that we, as Agile Leaders, choose every day.

From all of us at The Center For Agile Leadership, Happy New Year and Learn, Love, Lead.

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