About The Center For Agile Leadership®

Founded by The Braintrust Consulting Group, The Center for Agile Leadership® is designed to develop the skills leaders need to create and communicate vision, empower self-managing teams, and drive, inspire, and embrace change and continuous improvement. Over the past seven years, The Braintrust Consulting Group has successfully grown into one of the leading providers of Agile training in the world.

By incorporating the principles and values of Agile into every aspect of their business model, Braintrust has grown from 2 people working out of a home office to more than 14 team members distributed across the country with over three million in annual revenue. Through practical, hands-on training and enterprise and team coaching, Braintrust has helped more than 6,000 clients learn, plan, and implement Agile processes, such as Scrum and Kanban.

After discovering Agile Leadership, Brian has revolutionized his life. He has been transformed from a cog in a corporate machine to a master of his own destiny, trading a soul-sucking gray cubicle for the majestic views of Utah’s ski lifts. In addition to living the lifestyle of his dreams, Agile Leadership has allowed Brian to focus on his true mission in life – helping others to grow. As the founder of The Center For Agile Leadership®, he is growing his team and his clients, teaching everyone how to focus their energy on their passions and doing what they love in life.

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Anu Smalley, CST, CAL, PMP

Anu is an IT professional with over 20 years of industry experience. She has extensive experience with large scale agile transformations, integral to the success of the likes of Capital One through her training and coaching expertise. She specializes in leadership coaching and large group facilitation. Anu established internal agile coaching Centers of Excellence for several clients to allow self-sustained coaching of their agile transformations and developed a coaching program specifically designed for evolving organizational leaders. Passionate about coaching and training others, Anu is dedicated to helping clients achieve professional and personal success.

The Braintrust Consulting Group is a Registered Education Provider with the Scrum Alliance (SA-REP) and the Project Management Institute (PMI R.E.P) as well as a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business.