Today’s workers are demanding more from their leaders. The millennial workforce has different needs, different wants, and different motivators than any generation before them.  Leaders and organizations who refuse to evolve are getting left behind. Agile is the answer.

Agileadership™ will teach you the skills necessary to become a truly visionary leader; capable of leading across; cultures, generations, and geographies. You’ll leave with a completely changed perspective on your role as a leader. Agileadership™ will change the way you see yourself, your strengths, your priorities, and your long-term goals.

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Why Agile?

For over 20 years, Agile has been changing the way work gets done. Based on a set of core values, Agile is not a methodology, framework or process. Rather, it’s a philosophy that promotes iterative change, results based tracking, and a customer first mentality. But its been mostly contained to the IT and software space. Until now.

After training to over 6,000 professionals in Agile, we realized that these same core principles that get work done can also be applied to leadership and people management in all industries. We are the first leadership company in the world that is focused on teaching leaders how to take the proven principles of Agile and apply them to leading people.


Seeking disrupters

Agile might be for IT and Software, but Agileadership™ is not. We’ve taken the principles that worked in IT and applied them to everyone. From entrepreneurs to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, we’ve trained leaders from every industry imaginable.

Applying the concepts of Agile to leading people is revolutionary. So, we’re looking for the disrupters… the pioneers who are willing to take chances and make changes. We’re looking for the leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo and the leaders who can see that the world is changing around them. We want the next generation of business leaders who are ready to embrace a better way to get things done.

What To Expect

Learning Objectives

Set a clear vision that your team can embrace and own

Build a culture of self-organizing and self-managing teams

Flip your organizational chart upside down

Shift from being time based to results based

Focus on one key number instead of meaningless metrics

Hire and train T-shaped, well rounded team members

Give feedback in the moment and kill annual reviews

Break down personal barriers that are blocking your success


The result is simple. We teach leaders how to be inclusive, democratic, and more open to ideas and innovations.

You will leave with a full set of tools and techniques to immediately effect change in your business. You’ll leave with a new understanding of how to turn your team into a high-performance, efficiency machine. But most importantly, you will leave Agileadership™ with a completely changed perspective on your role as a leader. You’ll gain clarity on yourself, your strengths, your priorities, and your long-term goals.

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Agileadership™ is also available as a private, on-site training event. Private training is ideal if you are looking to transform your entire leadership team. Contact us today to learn more about private classes.

What To Expect When You Enroll in Agileadership™

What To Expect