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2018: Learn, Love, Lead

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While I don’t put a lot of stock in New Year’s resolutions, I do believe in the power of having a mantra. A simple phrase that you can commit to memory, revisit in times of stress, and use as a focusing tool throughout the year. At The Center For Agile Leadership, our mantra is just three simple words: Learn, Love, Lead. Learn – Learning should never stop. As we enter 2018, commit to discovering one new valuable nugget each day. Love –  Agile Leaders practice “Agape love.” This year, choose to care for those that you lead. Take care of their wants not needs; and hug and spank as appropriate. Lead – Remember that being a leader is a choice you make every day. When you encounter hard times in 2018, pause…

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Are You Fit to Lead? Part 1

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In this series of blog posts, I’m specifically addressing the correlation between being physically fit and the ability to lead. There are obviously other factors such as being mentally fit to lead, being emotionally fit to lead, and being spiritually equipped to lead. I’m not ignoring the need to be a well rounded leader, I’m just focusing on physical fitness for this particular series of articles. I passionately believe being healthy and physically fit has a direct correlation to happiness and success, whatever your personal definition of that may be. So, let’s talk about physical fitness. First, there are dozens of definitions for being physically fit.  For me being physically fit is a combination of being well rested (appropriate sleep), being well fed (appropriate diet) and being active (appropriate level…

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Are You A Workaholic?

I am, there I admit it. Every day I wake up and look at my to do list. I have a strong desire to accomplish something. If I fail to knock something off my list then I feel sick to my stomach, almost like I have lost something important. The day seems like a waste if I don’t achieve something. So, here’s the rub… I might go a day, a week, even a month without doing something “fun”. By fun, I mean stepping away from the to-do list to do something frivolous like going to a concert, playing golf, going to a movie, etc. For you die-hard workaholics you could argue that these activities are a “waste of time”. However, others might argue that “all work and no play makes…

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Are You A Hunter Or A Gatherer?

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This morning I was chatting with Patrick, my kayak fishing instructor, about the service industry. He used to work in operations running multiple big-name restaurants in Las Vegas. As we were talking, he pointed out that in order to be successful in that role you must be a giver by nature. You need to feel the desire to take care of others and give of yourself. I can say for sure that Patrick has a giver’s heart. Whenever I go fishing with him, he is attentive and caters to my every need. In contrast, I am a taker by nature. Being around such a great giver has been a very interesting experience for me. For several months, I’ve been watching Patrick and trying to emulate some of his behaviors. One…

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Peeling the Onion To Focus on What Matters

In our Certified Agile Leader® class, one of the exercises that we do together is called the onion exercise. It’s a simple way to focus on your priorities, shed the responsibilities that are sucking your time, and instantly increase your satisfaction as a leader. I created the onion exercise after talking to leader after leader who had the same complaint- not having enough time to get everything done. After all time management seems to be the one thing that we all struggle with. So, I created this simple exercise to help leaders identify where they are wasting time and visualize how they could be delegating. Here is how to do the onion exercise on your own. First, sit down and brainstorm all of the work that you do on a…

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Meetings – What Are They Good For?

I Hate Meetings Have you ever noticed that the higher you go in an organization the more meetings you are asked to attend? Here is a brief look at my career before I became an entrepreneur: As an intern – 10% of my time spent in meetings I was asked to attend multi-hour status meetings; my butt would fall asleep from sitting so long. As a programmer – 25% of my time spent in meetings Mostly productive meetings with my stakeholders explaining their needs and me demonstrating what I had built for them. As a team lead – 50% of my time spent in meetings All the same meetings as when I was a programmer, but now more status meetings, and other planning meetings with the executives. As a director…

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Work Self vs. True Self – Who is Winning?

First off, no I don’t have my wife’s permission to write this article… trouble is brewing… It’s not often that I get to observe my wife getting ready for work. I am typically on the road or sleeping when she is waking up. This morning, after coming back from a trip, I had a rare glimpse into her 9 to 5 pre-work-world rituals. Being a man, observing the application of makeup was a rather interesting experience. There were all kinds of facial contortions and peering into the mirror. Watching that mascara brush so close to her eyes was actually a bit intimidating. Over the years I have gently suggested to my wife when we go out on the weekends that she is more beautiful without the makeup. For the most…

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Manage Your Team With Trust

Is your team focused on delivering results? It doesn’t matter how they get there, as long as they get the job done. How do you get your team to deliver if you’re tracking every move?

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November 6, 2017 // 2 Comments

10 Reasons Why Great Leaders Practice Saying No

One of the most important words a great leader can say is… NO! Let’s try an experiment… Find a quite spot by yourself and make sure no one else is around. When you are completely alone say the word “NO” aloud, with conviction and courage. My bet is that one of the following things happens: You say it with ease. In that case, you are already comfortable saying No and you can skip forward to another post or discussion. (Next) You feel a strange sense of empowerment and perhaps even get giddy with the possibilities. You can’t bring yourself to say it and you get a strange feeling in your stomach. No that’s not last night’s leftovers in there, it’s your friend, fear. In today’s world, we’ve all been trained…

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You’re Wasting Time On The Lowest Performers

you're Wasting time on the lowest performers

Watch the video and join the conversation!

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