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Manage Your Team With Trust

Is your team focused on delivering results? It doesn’t matter how they get there, as long as they get the job done. How do you get your team to deliver if you’re tracking every move?

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November 6, 2017 // 2 Comments

10 Reasons Why Great Leaders Practice Saying No

One of the most important words a great leader can say is… NO! Let’s try an experiment… Find a quite spot by yourself and make sure no one else is around. When you are completely alone say the word “NO” aloud, with conviction and courage. My bet is that one of the following things happens: You say it with ease. In that case, you are already comfortable saying No and you can skip forward to another post or discussion. (Next) You feel a strange sense of empowerment and perhaps even get giddy with the possibilities. You can’t bring yourself to say it and you get a strange feeling in your stomach. No that’s not last night’s leftovers in there, it’s your friend, fear. In today’s world, we’ve all been trained…

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You’re Wasting Time On The Lowest Performers

you're Wasting time on the lowest performers

Watch the video and join the conversation!

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Continuous Improvement

continuous improvement in the moment

Hugging And Spanking In The Moment My first job out of college was at small software development company. After a year of working there it was finally time for my first performance review. Being a feedback junky, I was very excited for this event. The night before I had trouble sleeping, I arrived early to work, and was sitting in the conference room well ahead of my three bosses. When they entered the room, I could tell that something was amiss. Instead of hearing how great my performance was, they proceeded to rip me a new one. Turns out that they had been withholding some critical feedback about my performance and it came to a head in this meeting. The sad thing was, it was something so easy to correct…

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Conversation Starters – Are You Missing Great Hires

Are you missing great hires by focusing on weaknesses?

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Conversation Starters-Organizational Chart

Is your organizational chart upside? Don’t lose focus on your customers. Practice agile leadership in an agile environment. Brian Rabon asks,” Is your organizational chart upside down?”.

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Conversation Starters-Performance Reviews

In this week’s Conversation Starters, Brian Rabon asks, “Are you delivering feedback in the moment?”.  Watch this video to find out how an Agile leader approaches giving feedback. Isn’t it time your company became more agile? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.                

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Processes Bogging You Down?

In this week’s Conversation Starters, Brian Rabon asks, “Are your processes bogging you down?”.  Watch this video to find out how to handle this issue. Isn’t it time your company became more agile? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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Brian Rabon discusses why most vision statements don’t work.

In our ongoing video series, Founder Brian Rabon addresses some of the most pressing issues that separate traditional management from truly Agile Leadership. This week, Brian is taking on the idea of vision statements. Is your vision statement something that your team can truly understand and get behind?

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Want A Great Culture? Make Your Values Actionable – Part 4

Want a Great Culture-Part 4

The final posting of our series on how to make your values actionable is about rating performance. Most companies rate performance based on pre-determined criteria by their HR department. While the effectiveness of this practice can be debated; it isn’t typically connected to your company’s values. So how do we bridge the gap between rating individual performance and adherence to values? It’s time to examine a new tool you may not be familiar with. We run our organization with something called the Entrepreneurial Operating System® or EOS for short. EOS’s creator, a guy named Gino Wickman, came up with a clever way to rate performance based on alignment with values. He has encapsulated this practice into a tool called the People Analyzer. As you can see in the example we…

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