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Processes Bogging You Down?

In this week’s Conversation Starters, Brian Rabon asks, “Are your processes bogging you down?”.  Watch this video to find out how to handle this issue. Isn’t it time your company became more agile? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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Brian Rabon discusses why most vision statements don’t work.

In our ongoing video series, Founder Brian Rabon addresses some of the most pressing issues that separate traditional management from truly Agile Leadership. This week, Brian is taking on the idea of vision statements. Is your vision statement something that your team can truly understand and get behind?

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Want A Great Culture? Make Your Values Actionable – Part 4

Want a Great Culture-Part 4

The final posting of our series on how to make your values actionable is about rating performance. Most companies rate performance based on pre-determined criteria by their HR department. While the effectiveness of this practice can be debated; it isn’t typically connected to your company’s values. So how do we bridge the gap between rating individual performance and adherence to values? It’s time to examine a new tool you may not be familiar with. We run our organization with something called the Entrepreneurial Operating System® or EOS for short. EOS’s creator, a guy named Gino Wickman, came up with a clever way to rate performance based on alignment with values. He has encapsulated this practice into a tool called the People Analyzer. As you can see in the example we…

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Want A Great Culture? Make Your Values Actionable – Part 3

Want a great culture blog- part 3

Want A Great Culture? Make Your Values Actionable – Part 3 So far in this series we have explored two techniques for making our values actionable: Hiring and firing by values Guiding behavior by empowering our team to make values-based decisions You might be thinking, what happens when the wheels come off the bus and we fail to live up to our values? You might be surprised how fast your culture can erode when a key leader fails to live up to one or more of your values. The other day we made a big mistake… We added a Certified Agile Leader® class in a new and untested market, New York City. At first, we started to get some traction, to our surprise 3 people signed-up rather quickly. Then as…

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Want A Great Culture? Make Your Values Actionable – Part 2

Want a Great Culture Blog-Part 2

When you make your values actionable they come alive and become the foundation for your organization’s culture. Today we will explore the common trap most organizations fall into and how you can avoid it and promote your values at the same time. For many years, I worked at a large insurance company. There was an inside joke that you weren’t officially an employee until the human resources (HR) department had created a policy or procedure because of one of your actions. For example; one of our friends decided to bring their George Forman grill to work one day. An innocent grilled cheese ended with a call to the fire department and a burnt cubicle wall. Days later HR published a new policy that outlawed all small appliances in our cubicles….

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Want A Great Culture? Make Your Values Actionable – Part 1

want a great culture-Part 1

Want A Great Culture? Make Your Values Actionable – Part 1 So you have a great set of authentic values, now what? It’s not enough to simply list your values and hang them on the wall. If you do this they will be meaningful for a moment and then that moment will pass. Without action your values will grow dusty and less meaningful over time. In this series, we are going to examine ways to make your values actionable so that they are at the forefront of developing and protecting your values. Part 1 – Hire and Fire by Values You have heard the phrase… “One bad apple can spoil the bunch”. I am sure you have met someone who just didn’t seem to belong; this individual was probably disruptive,…

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Where Do Values Come From?

Where do values come from?

Values are at the heart of an organizations culture as you can see from my favorite definition: Culture is “The shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature.” – All organizations start from one person’s idea and every individual is shaped by: Family Community Institutions Social norms Physical environment Therefore, every one of us carries a collection of values. When we convince someone else to help us implement our vision we now have two people working together. These two individuals need to reconcile their own personal values in order to create a separate set of values to govern their interactions together. It’s these collective shared values that form the heart of a culture. Whether you want shared values to emerge or…

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The Importance of Authentic Values

Authentic Core Values Image for Blog

When I decided to found The Braintrust Consulting Group I knew that I needed a list of “company values”. So, I sat down in a café with my marketing team and dear friend Kate and we conducted a brainstorming session. The output of that session was a list of corporate values that we thought others wanted to hear. The list included: We provide our clients with exceptional value We build customized, innovative solutions that fit our client’s needs We maintain the highest level of reliability and quality assurance We deliver results in a timely manner We operate with absolute integrity We carry out all business with sophisticated professionalism We embrace technology advances We are the experts in project management solutions We had these values printed in a nice brochure and…

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