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Where Do Values Come From?

Where do values come from?

Values are at the heart of an organizations culture as you can see from my favorite definition: Culture is “The shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature.” – All organizations start from one person’s idea and every individual is shaped by: Family Community Institutions Social norms Physical environment Therefore, every one of us carries a collection of values. When we convince someone else to help us implement our vision we now have two people working together. These two individuals need to reconcile their own personal values in order to create a separate set of values to govern their interactions together. It’s these collective shared values that form the heart of a culture. Whether you want shared values to emerge or…

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The Importance of Authentic Values

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When I decided to found The Braintrust Consulting Group I knew that I needed a list of “company values”. So, I sat down in a café with my marketing team and dear friend Kate and we conducted a brainstorming session. The output of that session was a list of corporate values that we thought others wanted to hear. The list included: We provide our clients with exceptional value We build customized, innovative solutions that fit our client’s needs We maintain the highest level of reliability and quality assurance We deliver results in a timely manner We operate with absolute integrity We carry out all business with sophisticated professionalism We embrace technology advances We are the experts in project management solutions We had these values printed in a nice brochure and…

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