Agile Leading Through Culture Shock (YOU PICK THE DATE!!)
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YOU email Rikki Schwartz with interest in this 3-HR class, and we’ll find a date/time that works best for YOU! 


Who This Highly Interactive 3-hour Virtual Class is For:

Anyone in a leadership position that wants to help their teams adjust to being “thrust” into an (unexpected and/or unwanted) Agile environment.



To help you manage “sudden and/or unexpected” cultural change, the Center For Agile leadership® has created a 1/2-day VIRTUAL “Agile Leading During Culture Shock” class.

You’ll take away practical next steps that you can take to stabilize and optimize the Agility of your organization’s culture, rather than losing it to the “shock” of this pandemic.


Learning Objectives:

As a student of the Leading Agile Culture Shock Class, I want to…

  • Examine/re-examine the key tenets of Agile Leadership.
  • Learn how to use key principles of Agile with which to respond when my culture has been thrown into a tailspin by extraneous and unexpected circumstances.
  • Understand why having and sharing a shared vision, mission and purpose… (and associated core values), are fundamental to sustaining an Agile culture, particularly under stressful conditions.
  • Find and use the key influencers of my organization to support me in stabilizing my culture during traumatic times.
  • Have a dedicated Q&A session with a Center For Agile Leadership® executive regarding the challenges I am currently facing at my organization, and how I can overcome them.



  • Practical tools and techniques for shaping/sustaining company culture, particularly under times of sudden/unexpected change.



Help your team be able to have:

  • Greater engagement
  • Less fear and uncertainty
  • Improved morale
  • Elevated confidence (in the organization and in themselves)
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Increased personal accountability
  • Higher job satisfaction (which boosts retention)



  • Digital copies of all class materials
  • Membership to the private “True Agile Leader™” LinkedIn Group
  • Access to the “Becoming A True Agile Leader™” Podcast
  • Access to the entire Center For Agile Leadership video library




Email Rikki Schwartz if you’re interested in this virtual class, and we’ll find a time that works for YOU.  Best part, you and at least 3 of your colleagues can make it a PRIVATE BOGO class!

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