Agile Leading through this COVID Crisis…and Crises Yet to Come
$ 795
12:00 to 04:00

[Single Ticket Price is for Workshop of 1 – 20 participants]

Who This Workshop Is For:

Any leader (or group of leaders) that is/are looking for practical ways to more confidently navigate through this Pandemic (and any future) crises.

If you’re looking for an intensive, hands-on, group workshop experience…this is your opportunity to take advantage of a flat ticket price (for your group of 1 to 25).


By closely examining how to use organizational Agility as a life-raft, along with defining (and/or refining) your organization’s core values, mission, vision and purpose, you will leave this class with a concrete means to more confidently lead through the turbulent waters of this pandemic…and beyond.

Learning Objectives:

As a student of this Workshop, I want to…

1. Examine/re-examine the key tenets of Agile Leadership.

2. Learn how to use those tenets with which to respond to the tailspin that COVID has thrust my organization into…as well as the inevitable tailspins that we will encounter in the future.

3. Write (or re-examine with a critical eye) my organization’s core values, vision, mission and purpose, and learn how to use these principles with which to confidently lead my team(s) through uncharted waters.

4. Find and use the key influencers of my organization to support me in stabilizing my organization during traumatic/uncertain times.

5. Have a dedicated Q&A session with a Center For Agile Leadership® executive regarding the challenges I am currently facing at my organization, and how I can overcome them.


• Practical techniques and ideas for using the tenets of Agile, in combination with your organization’s core values, mission, purpose and vision, in order convert this COVID disaster into a positive watershed event.


You and your teams will experience:

– Greater Engagement

– Less fear and uncertainty

– Improved morale

– Elevated Confidence

– Enhanced innovation, steeped in having shared values that guide difficult decisions

– Higher Job Satisfaction


• Digital copies of all class materials

• Free semi-monthly webinars

• Membership to the private “True Agile Leader™” LinkedIn Group

As always, The Center for Agile Leadership® offers you…

• Access to our Center for Agile Leadership® Blog (ranked #3 in Feedspot’s “Top 20 Agile Leadership Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2020”)

• Access to our wildly popular Becoming A True Agile Leader™ Podcast

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