Becoming A True Agile Culture™ Certification: Atlanta, GA
$ 1995
08:30 to 04:30
From 10-15-19 to 10-16-19

True Agile Leaders™recognize that they have the ability to be architects of their organization’s culture. They take deliberate steps in order to model the values and principles of Agile, because they recognize that their teams are watching, and their actions shape the behavior of others. True Agile Leader’s™ focus on developing authentic, value-driven, cultures in order to maximize the full impact of Agile. They recognize culture is the difference between doing Agile and BEING Agile. Based on actual experience, this class is designed to teach practical approaches to influencing culture in a way that promotes true success with Agile for years to come.

You’ll leave with a complete understanding of why an Agile culture matters and a clear vision for how to influence your own culture. We’ll change the way you think about everything from your physical office space to the way you hire and fire team members. You’ll leave with tangible, practical steps that you can take on a day-to-day basis to positively influence your organization’s culture and to move it more towards Agility.



  • A proven means to evaluate and assess your organization’s culture, to more precisely determine your current level of Agility and opportunities for growth
  • Explicit elements of building an Agile culture, such as physical layout and design of workspace, personal accountability, and organizational trust… all explained in a way that is clear and allows for immediate implementation
  • A deep dive into the skill of influence so that you can enlist others’ help in your mission to grow an Agile culture with your organization


  • Increased accountability amongst your team members; watching them taking it personally when they succeed or fail
  • An increase in the overall happiness of your team and yourself
  • Less turnover and higher retention of key team members



  • Culture binder with printed class materials
  • 2 Inspiring Culture Books
  • A cultural assessment of your organization
  • Free monthly alumni calls where we; deliver new content, IDS issues, and review Leadership books
  • Membership to the private “True Agile Leader™” LinkedIn Group
  • Access to the “Becoming A True Agile Leader™” Podcast
  • Access to the entire Center For Agile Leadership video library

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