CAL Credential II, Peer Workshop: Nashville, TN
$ 2495
08:30 to 04:30

The Center For Agile Leadership® is one of the first training providers in the world to be approved to offer Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Credential II Certification. The goal of the CAL Credential II is to guide leaders in deepening, applying, and sharing their Agile leadership learning. It is a deep dive into the concepts of the CAL I, including practical, hands-on exercises and advanced personal growth skills. It also covers additional material that builds on CAL I around organizational culture and high performance.


More than a training class or workshop, CAL II is comprehensive program that includes three primary components:


• Validated practice

• Advanced education

• Peer-based sharing


The Peer Workshop (PW) course is the final step on the journey toward Certified Agile Leadership Credential II. Prior to taking this workshop, you must complete CAL Level I credential and attend an Advanced Education and Validated Practice course.


Peer-Based Workshop:

Building on our two-day culture workshop, the peer-based workshop is a one-day,  in-person training where each candidate will present to the group and then defend their position as an Agile leader during a live Q&A session. You will be required to present your presentation and will be asked to defend your experiences.


To prepare for this peer-based workshop there are number of homework assignments for each candidate. To assist with this process, you will be assigned a Center For Agile Leadership® facilitator who will guide you through each step and coach you toward success. With our help, you will be expected to complete the following homework prior to your peer workshop date:


• 360 Evaluation- Your facilitator will provide you with the tools to solicit 360 degree reviews from your peers, supervisors, and team members.

• Agile Leader Presentation- Your mentor will work with you and advise you as you create a visual presentation outlining your journey as an Agile leader and detail the impact you have had.

• Executive Summary- You will be expected to provide a written summary of your presentation.


Enrollment in our CAL II Peer Workshop includes access to your personal Center For Agile Leadership® facilitator. In additon to the one day, in-person workshop, your facilitator will guide you through each step and coach you toward success. With our help, you will be expected to complete all homework prior to your peer workshop date.


This course should be combined with our two-day Advanced Education Workshop in order to complete the full Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Credential II. The classes do not have to be taken together, but the two day Advanced Education Workshop must be completed first. Many of our clients take the Advanced Education Workshop one year and then take the Peer Based Workshop in the following year. This seperation of the two components can help with budget allocations.


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