Certified Agile Women Leaders Program (YOU PICK THE DATES)
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YOU email Rikki Schwartz with interest in this class, and we’ll find 4 dates/times that works best for YOU!




This 12-hour (comprised of four 3-hour classes) certification course teaches women powerful mechanisms for cultivating leadership excellence (despite gender biases).

NOTE:  $495 Ticket price covers all 4 classes in this Course. 

GROUP DISCOUNTS:  IF students have friends/colleagues who want to take the course with them, they can email Rikki Schwartz with a (single) list of their names, and ticket prices will be reduced as follows:

2 students:   $420/ea

3 students:   $350/ea

4+ students: $300/ea

ALSO OFFERED AS A PRIVATE (VIRTUAL) CLASS FOR UP TO 25 MEMBERS FROM YOUR ORGANIZATION.                                                                                             

EMAIL Rikki Schwartz for more information re pricing



Who Should Attend:

Professional women at all levels who wish to take on a leadership role, advance their careers, or build leadership competencies to contribute more to their teams and organizations


Women at every level of an organization can be strong leaders—bringing essential skills like team leadership, strategic thinking and business acumen to their roles. To flourish as a leader, a woman needs not only the skills to lead, but a dynamic voice that can be heard and followed. This unique 12-hour program will provide you with the knowledge and tools to present yourself as a present and future leader, and to speak up and create value for your organization no matter what your role is. You’ll go beyond the fundamentals of communication and assertiveness skills and explore vision, negotiation and strategy—as well as powerful techniques to enable you to find your leadership voice and lead with courage and conviction.

First, the HIGHLY interactive/participative virtual course will focus on self-awareness and effectively leading yourself. Next, your focus will shift to leading others and presenting yourself as someone who creates and adds value, despite the very real challenges that women leaders face.


Upon completing this unique course, you’ll receive…

  • A Center for Agile Leadership® Agile Woman’s Leadership Certificate, indicating that you’ve received hands-on, interactive training in leadership areas that are crucial for women who lead in business.
  • Digital copies of all class materials
  • 20% discount on any future Center for Agile Leadership® classes

Learning Objectives. As a student of this Certified Agile Women Leader’s Program, you will learn to…

  1. Identify and understand the natural commonalities between Agile Leaders and Women Leaders
  2. Recognize and navigate the Emotional Intelligence “Paradox” that impacts women leaders daily
  3. Capitalize on mentorships and sponsorships
  4. Recognize, and then overcome, your reluctance to be authentic/transparent
  5. Acknowledge the challenges of work/life balance, and address them with your colleagues openly and honestly
  6. Understand the most successful mechanisms for obtaining “buy-In” (including the neuroscience behind trust)
  7. Take a look at why women national leaders were largely more successful during the COVID-19 pandemic (and what that means for women leaders everywhere)
  8. Swim against the tide of gender bias, by actively USING the underlying principles related to that bias…coupled with the principles of AGILE leadership… TO YOUR ADVANTAGE…in order to OPTIMIZE your value and reputation as a leader,





Email Rikki Schwartz if you’re interested in this virtual class, and we’ll find 4 dates/ times that works for YOU.  Best part, you and at least 3 of your colleagues can make it a PRIVATE BOGO class!

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