Leading Cultural Transformation Kickstarter – Nashville, TN
$ 895
08:30 to 04:30

The Question: Do you have a sense that your team members are chronically dissatisfied and unmotivated, but have no idea why… or how to change it? You may look around and see disengaged employees, who lack trust and commitment… but what is it about your CULTURE that is stripping away their initiative and personal accountability?

The Answer: Your Culture needs Agile leadership. Agile leaders clearly DEFINE and COMMUNICATE a shared VISION and CORE VALUES. They rely on the wisdom/experience of their team members to routinely innovate by INSPECTING AND ADAPTING. The result is team members who are ENGAGED, EMPOWERED and INTERNALLY MOTIVATED to embrace PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

The Solution: To launch your Cultural Transformation, The Center For Agile leadership® has created a one-day Leading Cultural Transformation kickstarter. You’ll leave with a better understanding of why culture matters and a clear vision for how to influence your own culture. We’ll change the way you think about everything from your physical office space to the way you hire-and-fire team members. You’ll leave with tangible, practical next steps that you can take to positively influence your organization’s culture.

The Center For Agile leadership® has spent the last 10 years harnessing the power of Agile principles, in order to teach hundreds of leaders how to create more Agile Cultures. And with these changes has come a reawakening of their team members’ innovation, joy, and purpose.

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