Women’s Leadership Support Forum (YOU PICK THE DATES!!)
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YOU email Rikki Schwartz with interest in this 4-WEEK (1 HR EA) forum, and we’ll find dates/times that work for YOU!



Let’s face it, women face leadership challenges unique to our gender. So, let’s talk about it! Let’s be women who help other women!


We’re looking for “a few good WOmen” to join our Women’s Leadership Support Forum … AND go down in podcast infamy!

Every week (for 4 weeks)…we’ll kick off our shoes for an hour and really TALK to each other about the challenges that women in leadership (or those aspiring to leadership positions) face!

Each week, we’ll spend an hour…

• Discussing a different topic each week (as chosen by the group or the host) related to one or more challenges specifically related to women in leadership

• Sharing the challenges and frustrations you have faced as a woman in (or aspiring to be in) a leadership position

• Spit-balling ideas for overcoming the challenges raised

• Sharing your successes related to your leadership role(s)

• Gaining valuable insights from at least one female leader from the Center For Agile Leadership®

The idea of this forum is to glean support and guidance from one or more Agile leadership experts (from the Center for Agile Leadership®), but ALSO (and perhaps more importantly) from other women who have all faced some kind of leadership hurdle(s) specifically related to our gender.

IMPACT BONUS: Each of those forum discussions will be converted to a Becoming a True Agile Leader Podcast episode – so a small group of us will reach thousands more globally!!!

Let’s take this opportunity to support (what will hopefully be) lifelong virtual friends. If nothing else you can get a bit of group therapy on a Friday afternoon!

We are limiting this 4-week event to 8 participants, and at only $49.99*…we know it will fill up fast!

*Forum will meet for 4 consecutive weekdays. You will purchase ONE $49.99 ticket to attend all 4 sessions.



Email Rikki Schwartz if you’re interested in this virtual class, and we’ll find a time that works for YOU.  Best part, you and at least 3 of your colleagues can make it a PRIVATE BOGO class!

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