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Spring Clean Your Life

Spring has finally sprung after a crazy winter. It even snowed in May in Salt Lake City, UT this year! Now is the time to renew and re-invigorate your living environment. Why?

  • A clean environment feels wholesome and healthy
  • Removing clutter creates space and less stress in your life
  • The physical act of cleaning is exercise, resulting in better mental cognition

During the spring I go room-by-room in my home and complete a deep cleaning. Yes, it’s time-consuming and hard work, however I always feel amazing after its done. Here are some specific tactics that I employ:

  • Remove most items from the room– this allows you to find hidden pockets of dust and dirt
  • Question everything– if you are removing something that hasn’t been used all year then sell or donate it
  • Put things back in a more organized way– how much time are you losing by not being able to find something that you need when you need it? If everything has a place, then it’s so much easier to get the most value from it

After I finish a room it feels amazing; the fixtures in the room sparkle and shine in the light, the space feels bigger and more open, and the air feels cleaner and crisper. I also feel a real sense of accomplishment knowing that my efforts had a direct impact on my environment.

Some of you might be thinking, this guy is nuts… deep-cleaning my house seems like the seventh level of hell. Well for those of you who aren’t interested in doing the work yourselves, consider one of the following options:

  • Hire a professional– Yes, a deep-cleaning of your entire home will be expensive, but you can sit back and relax while it gets done
  • Put the kids to work– Your kids are probably getting ready to finish the school year, perhaps bribing them with some spending money will help motivate them to get cleaning
  • Host a cleaning party – Ask around and perhaps you will find some friends who actually like cleaning. Offer to cook or provide the wine. Everyone loves a great meal.

Whatever means you utilize to deep-clean your home at the end of the day doesn’t eally matter, the results are the same. You will be doing a lot to improve your mental and physical health by clearing out the dust and debris previously inhabiting your space. You might also do some good in the world by donating un-used items to those less fortunate than yourself.


So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a broom and dust pan and get going!

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