Becoming A True Agile Leader™: Level 2 Certification, Gaining Momentum

2 Days

Average Class Size: 20 Students: 2 Instructors

Tuition: $1,995

Attendees: Ideal for those that are already on the journey to becoming a True Agile Leader™ who need additional ways to make things easier, need to address real-life obstacles they have encountered, and/or need validation that they are applying the tenets of Agile properly.

Certification: Yes, graduates of this class earn their Becoming A True Agile Leader™: Certification Level 2

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Available As Private Class: Yes (contact us for details)


After establishing their first successful Agile team; leaders are often sought to continue the spread of organizational Agility. This brings a whole host of new opportunities such as; coordinating work across multiple teams, influencing other leaders and teams to adopt Agile, and re-defining organizational policy and procedure to make it more “Agile friendly”. In this two-day “Gaining Momentum” experience, we will help you understand what it takes to spread Agility beyond your team. In addition we will continue to provide additional tips and tricks to enhance your team and even your personal level of Agility.

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What Will I Learn?


As a student of True Agile Leadership™, you will learn to

 Assess my personal level of Agility, so that I can have a baseline to measure my progress and plan for the future.

Determine if I am FIT to lead, so that I can ensure that I have the foundation necessary to be a leader.

Identify a simple system for organizing and managing work, so that I can effectively visualize and map my team’s workflow.

Demonstrate how to hold an effective meeting, so that I can get the most out of our time together.

List tips and tricks for working with remote teams, so that I can more effectively support my virtual team.

Recognize alternative approaches to annual performance reviews so that I can evaluate and grow my team members in a more effective way.

Explain the impact of working with non-agile external dependencies, so that I can find strategies to mitigate them successfully.

Practice practical ways to influence others, so that I can have more allies in shaping an Agile organization.

Demonstrate how to facilitate a retrospective, so that I can continually improve my team.

Experience a leadership challenge, so that I can apply what I just learned.

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Key Benefits and Takeaways


You will leave Becoming a True Agile Leader™ Gaining Momentum with a new passion for Agile so that you can keep the momentum going and fuel your personal and career growth. You’ll be equipped to influence others so that you can help shape a desirable future for everyone. And you will increase the ease and enjoyment of your day-to-day work as a leader.

Plus, you will receive the following takeaways:

Becoming A True Agile Leader™: Certification Level 2

Digital copies of all class materials

Detailed report on 3 of your behavioral tendencies FIRO-B® instrument (The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™)

Free bi-monthly webinars; deliver new content, IDS issues, and review Leadership books

Membership to the private “True Agile Leader™” LinkedIn Group

Access to the “Becoming A True Agile Leader™” Podcast

Access to the entire Center For Agile Leadership video library

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What To Expect When You Enroll in Becoming a True Agile Leader™ Gaining Momentum

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