Becoming A True Agile Leader™: Level 3 Certification, View From The Top

2 Days

Average Class Size: 20 Students: 2 Instructors

Tuition: $1,995

Attendees: Ideal for True Agile Leaders who have arrived at the top and now need to shape their organization and mentor other leaders.

Certification: Yes, graduates of this class earn their Becoming A True Agile Leader™: Certification Level 3

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Available As Private Class: Yes (contact us for details)


It’s been a long and rewarding journey and now you have reached the peak of your Agile career. You have enough positional power and influence to shape the policy and procedure of the organization. Now you need to understand how to shape the culture of your organization. As we reach the top, we will take a look at what Agile planning is and what metrics will help the spread of Agility. This final step on your journey to becoming a True Agile Leader™ will look deeply at the structure of a True Agile Organization and specifically what you need to be doing to build one that not only survives but thrives.

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What Will I Learn?


As a student of True Agile Leadership™, you will learn to

 Examine pre-conceived notions of sources of self-worth, so that I can base my success on factors that help Agile thrive.

Evaluate the effectiveness of traditional business practices, so that I can produce more product by only engaging in activities that truly add business value.

Plan how to hire and fire in an Agile way, so that I can truly build self-organizing teams.

List alternative tactics for Agile budgeting and contracting, so that I can set my organization up for success.

Demonstrate the proper metrics to measure progress upon, so that I set my Agile teams up for success.

Practice articulating my dream for the organization, so that I can give others direction and inspire them to achieve something bigger than themselves.

Practice Agile planning, so that I can adequately prepare for the future.

List ways to influence culture, so that I can facilitate the creation of one for my team and my organization as a whole.

Explain how to create a transparent organization, so that I can provide a key element my team needs in order to develop accountability for their work.

Experience a leadership challenge, so that I can apply what I just learned.

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Key Benefits and Takeaways


You will leave Becoming a True Agile Leader™ View From The Top, ready to thrive in a workforce that is not only focused on producing business value, but is powerfully more engaged, innovative, and joyful. You will learn to enjoy more time to be strategic in your thinking and actions so that you can make better decisions that will positively impact your organization’s future. And most importantly, you will have the knowledge and the motivation to build a legacy of Agility that continually improves even after you have moved on.

Plus, you will receive the following takeaways:

Becoming A True Agile Leader™: Certification Level 3

Digital copies of all class materials

Free bi-monthly webinars; deliver new content, IDS issues, and review Leadership books

Membership to the private “True Agile Leader™” LinkedIn Group

Access to the “Becoming A True Agile Leader™” Podcast

Access to the entire Center For Agile Leadership video library

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What To Expect When You Enroll in Becoming a True Agile Leader™ View From The Top

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