October 27, 2019 //

What is Business Agility?

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“Business Agility” – we’re hearing that expression more and more these days. So is it a new concept… or an old concept that demands a fresh look?

What is it? Business Agility is generally described as the ability of an organization to sense changes internally or externally, and respond quickly in order to deliver value to its customers. 

Who is it For? Business agility is appropriate for any organization that faces uncertainty and/or rapid changes associated with growth, market downturns, new competition, turnover, etc. etc. etc.  Yep – it’s appropriate for just about every company you can imagine.

What are the Values of Business Agility?  As you might expect, Business Agility relies on building an AGILE CULTURE that fosters the following Key Principles of Agile: 

  • Favor individuals and Interactions over processes
  • Respond to change (versus following a plan)
  • Embrace an iterative (“inspect and adapt”) approach to product/services development
  • Nurture collaboration and transparency amongst team members and your customers
  • Involve the customer at every turn  
  • Move away from Command-and-Control to self-organized/self-managing teams
  • Encourage employee risks and experiments
  • Give decision-making authority to the front-line employees

So…no…Business Agility is not a “new concept”, but the Center for Agile Leadership® specializes in teaching a functional, sustainable path to it.  Our mission has always been to teach our clients how to get to the crux of “Business Agility”:  Agile thinking for everyone in the business… which means an enterprise-wide Agile CULTURE!

So, here’s my challenge question:  Are you (or your organizational leaders) still stuck on the notion that Agile is only for IT professionals?  If so, how long do you think your whole train will be able to respond to your customer’s changing needs, when you’ve only got one car on the track? 

Instead, register for our new Leading Cultural Transformation Kickstarter…and get your WHOLE train moving in the right direction!

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