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You’re Missing GREAT Hires

Let’s say you are the CEO of a large Agile methodology training/consulting company, and you need to hire a President for your relatively new “Agile Leadership training” Division of the company —  someone who can grow that Division (inside and outside of the existing customer base) and teach its associated courses. 

The following resume comes across your desk: 

Name: Betty Boop
Highest Education:  Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering
Current Job Title: Director of Operations 
Employer: We Know Waste (a multi-billion dollar waste management company)
Length of Time: 17 years
Prior Job Title: Director of Environmental, Health and Safety
Prior Employer: XYZ University (a 15,000 student residential college)
Length of Time: 10 years

Ms. Boop’s resume shows….
NO SLT titles
NO sales titles
NO marketing titles
No training titles
NO Information Technology (IT) titles
NO leadership training/consulting titles
NO Scrum framework credentials

So THAT resume goes right into the circular file…right?

OR………….what if you…as a True Agile LeaderTM took your focus away from what job titles are missing from Ms. Boop’s resume (which some may call her “weaknesses”), and instead looked for the “untitled” synergies between her work history and what your company needs.  Then…outside of job titles, what might the resume (in addition to pointed conversations with her and her team members) tell you?

  • 10 years of outstanding CSAT and Employee Engagement scores
  • Certification in Agile Leadership from your company (from a class that you led)
  • Demonstrated passion for and commitment to Agile Leadership, including founding/leading a division built exclusively on a results-based economy, and 10 years managing over 40 virtual employees
  • 27 years as a staff/customer environmental, health & safety trainer
  • 25 years as a trainer/consultant in public speaking and media interview skills
  • Demonstrated passion for, and commitment to, supporting, nurturing and developing her staff
  • History of exceeding revenue and ebit budgets for 15 of the past 17 years (via ORGANIC sales)

And voila…you decide to hire Betty Boop as your new President.

BUT you only hire Ms. Boop IF you (as the CEO in this story) take the time to focus on her qualities and strengths OUTSIDE of her “direct” experience and credentials.  Because direct experience and credentials DON’T come with, for example, your company’s CULTURAL AND CORE VALUES….or a host of other alignments that you can’t teach…and can rarely change.  In fact, what direct experience and credentials often DO come with is something ELSE difficult to change…. experiential and/or academic bias… which can naturally limit the “fresh perspective” that this Presidential “fawn” may otherwise bring to the table.

Now…can anyone guarantee that Betty Boop will turn out to be a great hire?  Nope.  But no hire comes with guarantees.  However, I CAN confidently guarantee that you are missing great hires if you don’t look at the person AND the position with the HOLISTIC EYES of a True Agile LeaderTM.

Finally, for a bit of a comedic look at the “real” Betty Boop, and her actual trajectory into the Center for Agile Leadership®, take a listen to another podcast in our “Traditional Manager Mistakes” Series (episode #8, released 05/15/19), called They’re Missing Great Hires by Focusing on Weaknesses.  

So here’s my challenge question for you.  Does this change the way you think about hiring?  Think about the last time you didn’t hire someone.  Is it possible they had strengths/synergies that you overlooked because you were so focused on their “weaknesses”?  And if you’d been in this CEO’s shoes…would you have hired Betty Boop?  Why or why not?  Leave your reply below, because you know we always love to hear from you!  

Until then… Boop-Oop-a-Doop.

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